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I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've helped.  Simply give me a call, and I'll be happy to connect you with them.

"Tanya has helped me so much!  Being a dental hygenist is back breaking!  But with Tanya's help, I am able to feel good while I work.  Whenever my neck hurts, I know it's time for her massage.  She has the perfect touch.  The proof is in how good I feel when I leave her office."-Wendy C.

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my extreme satisfaction with the massages Tanya has provided.  I have had massages in a varity of spas and resorts and by far Tanya has provided the most complete therapeutic experience.  I have had several massages from Tanya and all have been slightly different but equally relaxing and enjoyable.  Based on my experience, I can honestly say Tanya is a true massage therapy professional."-Sam L.

"Tanya fullfilled the role of a massage doula beyond what I imagined.  She was able to meet my needs by applying just the right amount of pressure/counterpressure with each contraction. There were times when I needed a bit more pressure and at times I needed less and Tanya was able to adjust accordingly.  She never seemed tired, too!  What was most encouraging and helpful wat that she told me to do what I thought was most in-tune with my body, and shortly after...I had the baby! Tanya genuinely cares and wants the labor process to be the best experience possible."-June H.

"In my last trimester I suffered terrible sciatic pain and my midwife advised that I schedule a massage with Tanya which was part of my birth package.  I had received back rubs from my husband before but I had never had a professional massage.  I was a little anxious about being touched by a stranger but I was so desperate for the pain to go away.  Tanya was amazing!  I never felt 'exposed', she explained what she would be doing and made me very comfortable.  My sciatic pain went away as did many other aches and pains.  It also was a great way to work on relaxation in preparation for my birth and I believe it made a big difference in my labor.  I am a huge advocate for massage therapy now and will continue going to see Tanya to get rid of all my mommy aches and pains!"-Nicole W.

"Our birth package came with massage therapy and that's when I met Tanya.  She has the most wonderful hands.  She will give you deep tissue OH MY GOSH IT HURTS SO INCREDIBLY GOOD massage or a relaxing one.  I always had so many knots and sore spots that I got deep tissue every time.  She is awesome at what she does and I continue to see her as my regular massage therapist."-Amy S.

"Tanya applied just the right amount of pressure and listened to the needs of my muscles and body.  Additionally, she created a very comfortable silence that allowed me to further relax.  Tanya really seems to be present to the needs of a person's body and creates a very calming, trusting environment for massage."-Amanda L.

"The depth of pressure is what I remember and what I really appreciated.  I felt very relaxed after the massage.  The pressure was strong and was exactly what I needed.  I would highly recommend Tanya to anyone who is looking for a pregnancy massage therapist or a massage labor support person.  Also, Tanya was present at my birth and gave me great relief and comfort through leg massages and cold washcloths at just the right times!"-Alice A.

"I have had many massages with Tanya over the last several years.  She is, by far, the best there is!  She works thru the knots and kinks and makes it hurt OH SO GOOD!  The atmosphere she creates is wonderful and very relaxing.  The overall experience is wonderful, I highly recommend her!"-Nancy M.

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